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  • Baby Portrait Photography

    Baby Portrait Photography

    Baby portraits are shot in the child’s own home environment. With some co-direction from the parents, the photos are improvised based on the child’s moods and behaviours at the time. This results in portraits that reflect the baby’s own natural personality.

  • Creative Portrait Photography

    Creative Portrait Photography

    Creative portraits are those photographs that portray the subject in an unusual scene or a setting with unreal elements. Either through the setting, props, or post-production processes. Set yourself apart from the crowd with a truly unique portrait.

  • Direct Portrait Photography

    Direct Portrait Photography

    These portraits focus directly on the photograph subject with the intention of conveying their personality directly to the viewer. Best for actor headshots, children’s portraits, and celebrity interview subjects.

  • Casual Portrait Photography

    Casual Portrait Photography

    Casual portraits are photographs where the subject has been shot while engaging in other activities, while unawares, or simply just in an informal setting. Perfect for wedding receptions, corporate events, and personal shots with that “relaxed” look.  



On location photoshoot
(1-2 hours): £90

Digital pack of 15-30
print-quality images: £25

("Creative" portraits only): £75


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I'm a London-based photographer specialising in unique and unusual portrait photography. I've shot celebrity interviews, personal portraits, and events ranging from political protests to publicity stunts.

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